Office Plant Displays

Office plant displays and big tropical trees for the workplace from just £10 a week!

We’ve been supplying and looking after office plants for over 16 years. We’re office plant experts!

  • Funky and colourful – or quietly impressive? We’ve developed successful themes and architectural schemes to match all types of office environment – or we can create new ones specially for you.
  • We’ll make the most of your office environment. High ceilings work well with tall, imposing plants. Narrow corridors demand slim, well-defined shapes. Desktop and wall arrangements are excellent for offices with little floorspace.
  • Generally people prefer real office plants (which have lots of other benefits), but for cold or dark spots we can supply beautiful artificial plants and foliage.
  • Before selecting plants we’ll carry out a free site visit to assess light levels, temperatures, draughts and space.

And once they’re installed we’ll keep them looking great!

  • We’ve been looking after displays, including those installed by other suppliers, for years. Comprehensive maintenence means your plants will always look wonderful.
  • We clean and prune plants, supply just the right amount of food and water, and we’re polite to your staff when they tip coffee (or much, much worse!) into displays.
  • We identify and remove pests before they get out of control, and we’ll even replace any of our plants free of charge if they’re diseased or dying.

Even better, you can get all of this from just £10 per week! Get in touch with us to find out more.

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