Office plant displays for big impact

Big impact office plant displays: less is more

Just a few well placed office plant displays can make all the difference to how an office looks and feels. That’s what FNZ found when Nature at Work installed 3 big impact Ficus Lyrata’s at their Bristol office.

Lyrata office plant displays in corporate purple Cirkik pots

Lyrata office plant displays in corporate purple Cirkik pots

Cirkik plant pots to match corporate purple

As well as making the office more welcoming, the displays are ultra professional and contemporary. The pots are chosen from the Cirkik range in a polished purple to match FNZ’s corporate colour and they also represent excellent value for money.

Classy plants for a classy office

And for the ultimate statement plant, we think that the Ficus Lyrata creates a big impact. It’s classy, contemporary and makes a big impression for visitors. Of course beautiful beach pebbles top off the displays.

Focus on: The Ficus Lyrata

Commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig, the Ficus Lyrata is an excellent indoor plant. It has very large, heavily veined leaves. They can be challenging to grow indoors as their home is in the very warm, wet tropics. Thankfully they are fairly tough and will thrive if grown in good, fast-draining potting soil and fed with a bit of fertilizer during their growing season.

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