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  • Spreading a ray of sunshine…… indoors!
    31st March 2015
    As the rain poured down during July, Nature at Work decided to bring the summer inside by giving peace lilies to businesses across the south During the wettest July on record, Nature at Work’s surprise delivery of tropical peace lilies to offices in Southampton, Bristol, Newbury, and Reading has certainly been lifting spirits! ... Read more
  • Office Plants in Swindon get a Nature at Work ‘Face-lift’
    31st March 2015
    The office plants became ‘too much’ for Swindon accountancy firm AMS so Nature at Work came in and did a great make-over job! “I had kept plants at work for years but they had grown very big and unwieldy. Nature at Work did a beautiful job of pruning and repotting ... Read more
  • Office plants ‘raise productivity’ on Radio 4’s Today programme
    31st March 2015
    The virtues of workplace plants have been praised on BBC Radio four’s Today programme. Having plants in the office can boost productivity by providing a healthy and refreshing environment. This is the message that Kenneth Freeman, chair of the European Federation of Interior Landscaping groups, told listeners of the Today programme. ... Read more
  • Serco learn the hard way!
    31st March 2015
    To try and save money, Serco tried to look after their Nature at Work installed plant displays themselves. Look what happened… “We tried looking after our office plants ourselves but it just didn’t work! As a cost-cutting exercise, we decided to cancel our contract with Nature at Work and look after the ... Read more
  • Greening the great indoors for health and well-being!
    31st March 2015
    In March a report entitled ‘Greening the great indoors for human health and wellbeing’ was published in Australia. The report by Margaret Burchett of the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, looked in to the effect of office and indoor plants on air quality, mould spores and the wellbeing of the building’s occupants. The ... Read more
  • Real Christmas Trees bring a Christmassy aroma to offices in the South of England!
    31st March 2015
    Many suppliers have gone for the easy option of artificial christmas trees but Nature at Work supports a natural look! We reckon that you can’t beat the unique Christmassy AROMA of a Nature at Work REAL Christmas Tree in the office! And from an environmental point of view, real trees win ... Read more