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  • Plants Try Pedal Power!
    31st March 2015
    Nature at Work’s plant technicians, Val and Joanna, trial delivering plants by bicycle! Our plant technicians, Val and Joanna have taken on the cycling challenge to try and use a bicycle for work! Day four of Planet Positive’s 7 days 2 sustainability has encouraged us to review how we all travel to ... Read more
  • It’s goodbye to lunchtime packaging!
    31st March 2015
    Day four of our week to sustainability is all about Recycling and Waste Reuse: Tracey  has been showing us how to bring our lunch to work – in reusable containers. And our staff on the road, Val, Joanna and Stella also use reusable travel mugs. Recycle: Nature at Work is very ... Read more
  • We’re switched on to switching off!
    31st March 2015
    The Nature at Work Green Team has been embracing Planet Positive’s ‘first in, last out’ policy at work (and home)!! It’s been Day Two of Nature at Work’s ‘7 DAYS TO SUSTAINABILITY’ – switching off machines and appliances overnight and weekends. We’ve adopted the policy that the last person leaving a room ... Read more
  • Rainwater harvesting….. with a difference!
    31st March 2015
    Solent University are collecting rainwater for their Nature at Work office plants in novel containers – old oak whisky barrels! “The enormous old oak barrel on the roof outside the Vice Chancellor’s office fills up incredibly quickly. And when we water the plant displays, because the barrels were used to ... Read more
  • Green Team for Nature at Work!
    31st March 2015
    Nature at Work has embarked on Planet Positive’s ‘7 days 2 Sustainability’ programme. Day One: We’ve organised our Green Team – essentially that includes all of us! – had our first meeting and created our special Green Board that will display all our activities. And we’re also putting 3 immediate ... Read more
  • Home sweet work: How to build your workplace around your employees
    31st March 2015
    As boundaries between work and home environments continue to blur, office design and fit out specialist Area Sq, reports on what this means. Whether it’s come about through a shift in power, flexible work hours or simply recognition of importance, employees are slowly becoming more and more valued at the workplace. ... Read more