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  • Office Plant of the year? What’s your favourite?
    31st March 2015
    Just a few days left to get votes in for this year’s Office Plant of the Year! Ficus microscarpa S-shaped? Spathiphyllum? Guzmania Torch? Just three of the nine office plants nominated for this year’s office plant of the year to be announced by eFIG in July. The contenders this year are ... Read more
  • Hippos in the toilet?
    31st March 2015
    Saving water – the hippo way! Yes, it’s day 5 of our 7 days to sustainability project – and that means looking at Food, Water, Health and Well-being for our Nature at Work team.  We like the idea of the toilet hippo though for reducing the amount of water when you ... Read more
  • An Alternative to the Living Wall?
    31st March 2015
    Everyone’s talking about Living Walls these days so how about this as a cost-effective solution? Living Walls for offices are very ‘in vogue’ these days but they’re incredibly expensive and difficult to maintain and keep looking good.  So here’s a great, but inexpensive alternative for offices where space is at ... Read more
  • Is Using Artifical Plants Cheating? We don’t think so!
    31st March 2015
    Real or artificial? These amazing artificial Rhapsis Palm plant displays use real bark so are extremely realistic. Although we like to keep things natural (hence the name ‘Nature at Work’) wherever possible, sometimes the real plants we use just don’t like the office environment we put them in. At one ... Read more
  • Plant of the month
    31st March 2015
    Our Plant of the Month? It’s got to be the Peace Lily The Peace Lily (Spathyphyllum) has long been a favourite for the home or office.  Not only is it easy to care for and looks fantastic – it’s also rated by NASA as one of the top 10 Household ... Read more
  • Plants Try Pedal Power!
    31st March 2015
    Nature at Work’s plant technicians, Val and Joanna, trial delivering plants by bicycle! Our plant technicians, Val and Joanna have taken on the cycling challenge to try and use a bicycle for work! Day four of Planet Positive’s 7 days 2 sustainability has encouraged us to review how we all travel to ... Read more