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  • Artificial plants get realistic
    12th January 2018
    Design of large and small artificial funky plant displays in modern office receptionIn the past, artificial plants were definitely seen as the poor relations in terms of looks and style. But today, there is virtually no difference visually. And if you are restricted by design, layout or budget, then fake plants can be the solution. For one Managing Agent in Reading, Berkshire, they ... Read more
  • Office plants keep your workplace naturally cool
    14th June 2017
    The fern cools and humidifies the air and is one of the most effective air-purifiers too.Office Plants make the perfect 'green' air conditioning. When the temperatures rise outside, we start to rely on air conditioning inside our offices and homes. However, scientific evidence over the past few years has shown that introducing a few plants inside will reduce the air temperature - by as much as 10 degrees. Read more
  • Office plant displays for big impact
    14th May 2017
    Big impact office plant displays: less is more Just a few well placed office plant displays can make all the difference to how an office looks and feels. That’s what FNZ found when Nature at Work installed 3 big impact Ficus Lyrata’s at their Bristol office. Cirkik plant pots to match corporate ... Read more
  • Adding a bit of cheer to your Office with Office Plants
    29th April 2017
    Having plants around us brings lots of benefits. They not only look great, they make us feel calmer, healthier and happier too. Read more
  • Best ever Christmas Trees – Beautiful and so pretty!
    29th December 2016
    This Christmas we have received more positive comments than ever about our decorated Christmas Tree Service. One client said ” I have worked here for 15 years and this year’s tree is the best I’ve ever seen.” Read more
  • How to care for your orchid
    31st March 2015
    Orchids have a reputation of being rather tricky to look after. David Snell has a few tips to help keep yours looking beautiful. David Snell and the Nature at Work team have many years’ experience caring for orchids in a variety of situations. Whilst orchids can be very sensitive to the ... Read more