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  • Christmas Tree Crisis After Long Dry Summer?
    18th October 2018
    David Snell Choosing Christmas Trees for clients David Snell from nature at Work Chooses the Best Christmas Trees for Clients   With many parts of the UK seeing very little rain for more than two months this summer, the dry weather raised serious concerns for Christmas tree growers. So the question now is “what affect has the summer drought ... Read more
  • How to Care for Indoor Succulents
    12th October 2018
    How to care for indoor succulentsI’m often asked about indoor succulents. They are very trendy at the moment – and they are pretty easy to look after. There are a few key points that you need to remember:They do need good light, so try and put them near a window if you can. You can tell ... Read more
  • How contemporary planting design reinforces company branding
    18th May 2018
    Swindon-based Equimedia knew the importance first impressions make and needed to ensure their new offices had the right look and feel for visitors and employees alike. Nature At Work added some finishing touches with a ‘wow’ factor to bring everything together and complement their brand colours - as well as soften the working environment for staff. Read more
  • Started Sneezing Yet? The Best Allergy Friendly Houseplants
    17th May 2018
    Allergy friendly houseplants - Golden Pothos to control formaldehyde levels in the air. Formaldehyde causes irritation of your nose, mouth and throat which may exacerbate allergy symptomsThousands of people suffer from hay fever at this time of year – including my wife. As soon as rapeseed flowers, she starts. Her eyes get sore and she starts sneezing. One of our Plant Technicians doesn’t like the milky sap from Ficus (fig) trees. Her skin flares up and ... Read more
  • Spring Indoor Plant Care: 5 Steps to Happier Houseplants
    11th April 2018
    5 Indoor Plant Care TipsIt looks like a late Spring this year, with a couple of ‘Beasts from the East’ (and another one over Easter). But even if it’s still frosty where you live, the days are getting longer and this means that your houseplants are beginning to wake up from their winter dormancy. It’s ... Read more
  • Office Plants – 14 reasons why plants improve office life
    27th February 2018
    Are you sitting in a highly lit, hot, sterile office with no plants? Ask your nearest team-mates whether, given the choice, they would prefer to have some greenery. I promise you the majority would vote for office plants. Ask the decision maker in the company the same question. The answer ... Read more