Nature at Work Announces Acquisition of Manor House Plants

Local interior landscaping company’s expansion reflects trend towards ‘greener’ offices

Nature at Work Ltd, the office greenery company, has acquired Manor House Plants, another local indoor plant provider. Extending their interior landscaping services, this expansion of the Marlborough-based business supports Nature at Work’s continued growth, bringing the number of customers to over 200.

“We’ve known, and worked alongside, Manor House Plants for a number of years now, so it’s great to welcome them into our Nature at Work ‘family’” says David Snell, managing director. “Like us, their aim is to enhance working environments and improve corporate image through the use of real greenery in trendy pots. This coincides with an upsurge in awareness of the benefits of plants in the workplace”.

Words like ‘Wellness’ and ‘Wellbeing’ are being used more than ever now. People are spending more time sitting at desks in air-conditioned offices, with the windows closed – which is just not very healthy. And with forward-thinking companies like Amazon creating big green spaces for their employees – UK companies are keener than ever to look at ways to keep their employees happy in their work and impress visitors with their ‘green’ credentials.


“Clients are becoming more discerning too” says David. “They are asking for Living Walls, hanging plants, unusual plants in interesting pots. We are also installing moss walls and pictures to enhance offices”

Nature at Work supplies and looks after office plant displays for its clients in central south England. In early 2019 the company won a prestigious Gold Award at UK Industry Awards in London.

Tropical, big-leaved plant displays in natural aged wicker basket displays soften and bring workspace together.
The natural look: aged wicker baskets to green, soften and bring workspaces together