How to Care for Indoor Succulents

How to care for indoor succulents

I’m often asked about indoor succulents. They are very trendy at the moment – and they are pretty easy to look after. There are a few key points that you need to remember:

How to care for indoor succulents

L to R: Echeveria Pearl Van eurenberg, Crassula Portaluca, Echeveria Pollux

  1. They do need good light, so try and put them near a window if you can. You can tell if they’re not getting enough light because they will start ‘stretching’ towards the light. To remedy this, try and put them closer to the light. They need a lot! They can even be put outside in the summer.
  2. Like all plants, indoor succulents need water. But it’s best to adopt
    Succulent plants for your office

    L and R: Portulacaria afra variegate. Middle: Crassula Minor

    the ‘soak and dry’ principle. Don’t water daily and don’t let the roots sit in water. They don’t like it. But they do like to be soaked occasionally, but then left to dry out – then repeat.

  3. Clues that a plant needs watering include shrinking or puckering leaves or normally shiny leaves that appear dull. If you suspect it’s time to water, shove a finger into soil two knuckles deep to make sure it’s dry.
  4. When you water, apply enough so it runs out drainage holes. Empty the drainage saucer so plants don’t sit in water overnight. About 95% of houseplants need soil to dry out almost completely before watering.
  5. Don’t worry if the bottom leaves start wilting (that’s natural) but DO worry if the tops start wilting or shrivelling.
  6. Indoor succulents experience strongest growth during spring and summer. Growth slows in the autumn and winter is a time of rest. Fertilize lightly or not at all during winter. In warmer months, feed plants 3-4 times. Use a standard houseplant fertilizer for most succulents, but keep in mind that it is easy to over fertilize these plants. In most cases, they should be fed lightly or about half what you would feed a regular houseplant.

Just remember the Golden Rule about keeping indoor plants: “You can kill with kindness” – in other words, don’t give them too much attention, don’t fuss over them, just water when necessary and then leave them to do their own thing!

For more information on succulents see our YouTube video or click here
Succulent plants for your office

L and R: Pachyveria Corvus. Middle: Crassula Minor