How contemporary planting design reinforces company branding

Since opening its first Swindon office in 1999, award-winning digital and media agency Equimedia has continued to expand, opening new operations in London and North America. To support this business growth, the company needed to take on additional office space and in 2017 relocated to a new Swindon Head Office at Windmill Hill.

Ficus Ginseng were chosen for a contemporary feel

New office needed a finishing ‘green’ touch
As a marketing company, Equimedia knew the importance first impressions make and needed to ensure their new offices had the right look and feel for visitors and employees alike. All the office infrastructure and furniture had been designed, specified and delivered but it now needed some finishing touches with a ‘wow’ factor to bring everything together and complement their brand colours – as well as soften the working environment for staff.

Simple, contemporary planting design to match Equimedia’s brand
Equimedia had worked with indoor plant specialists Nature at Work at their previous office for over ten years and knew the real difference introducing just a few plants can make.
“Our design was to keep it simple, with clean lines”, explained Nature at Work md, David Snell, “to complement the existing office interior design. Also, to add a bit of interest and matching corporate colours in key impact areas.”

The focus of the scheme is four tall plant displays at the entrance, in hexagonal tall pots, each matching Equimedia’s four corporate colours. Four additional displays along the window give an impressive ‘contemporary ‘green’ look for visitors on arrival. The containers are planted with ficus ginsengs and small branched yuccas for a contemporary feel.
The rest of the office planting scheme is designed using with white floor standing displays and white troughs on cabinets so that staff can all see the greenery.

“We love the way the pots match our logo”
“By using our striking ‘Hexik’ hexagonal-style pots in the planting design scheme, colour-matched to Equimedia’s logo”, says Nature at Work’s md, David Snell, “we are able not only to create a contemporary display for Equimedia’s new offices, but also reinforce their brand colours.
“We love the way the colours of the pots match the colours of our logo”, says receptionist Fae Swindells. The plant displays just finish off the look and feel of our lovely new offices beautifully. They impress visitors and make a more relaxed green environment for our staff.”

Also, Equimedia know their plants will stay looking impressive as a Nature at Work plant technician visits regularly to maintain the plants and keep them in tip top condition. “It’s all part of their plant care service”, explains Fae. “We’ve got to know Stella over the years, and she looks after our plants really well.” confirms Fae.

Furthermore, with so much evidence about the impact houseplants have on our physical and mental health, not to mention our creativity, Equimedia understand the importance of having plants in the office. The stylish white new trough planters placed on cabinets planted with air-purifying aglaonemas ensure all staff can see at least one plant.

Hexig planters can be matched to corporate colours