Home sweet work: How to build your workplace around your employees

As boundaries between work and home environments continue to blur, office design and fit out specialist Area Sq, reports on what this means.

Whether it’s come about through a shift in power, flexible work hours or simply recognition of importance, employees are slowly becoming more and more valued at the workplace. Engaged, enthusiastic employees are appearing throughout businesses (not just at the top) and greater attention than ever before is being paid to the working process, not just the end result.

Investment in employees, among other things, often means a change in the working environment. Working in an inspiring atmosphere brings motivation and a sure-fire antidote to the Monday morning blues.

Joined up thinking: Company culture

Enhancing the office environment can mean injecting a slice of brand culture into the surroundings. Colours, design, and elements that highlight the core values of the brand (think of EasyJet’s orange offices, or the “green electricity” used at the Innocent offices).

By aligning company culture (objectives, aims and values) with office design, employees will feel inspired, motivated, and perhaps more importantly, part of the ‘family’. Culture is crucial to business, and this starts with office design.

Enhanced flexibility powered by tech


The unprecedented connectivity in the modern world has changed the way in which business is done. Many workers use their mobile device to be constantly connected to the office, finishing work on the train or checking emails before bed.

To accommodate this, companies must offer flexibility in terms of working hours, and in the way people work. Do enough companies appreciate just how much work is conducted outside of the workplace?

It may seem counter-productive, but the introduction of sleep-pods and nap areas have been used by many corporations to increase the productivity of their workforce. Sleep, apparently, is no longer an activity entirely synonymous with the home.

Work v Home: The intentional blurring of boundaries

Through the increased integration (often fuelled by incredible technology that allows it to happen) of work and home, there is something of a blurry line between what is home and what is work. It was, once, so clear to define.

A workplace must represent something in an employee’s life, for them to appreciate spending most of their time there. Sleep pods may be extreme, but simple additions like personal storage space, bike sheds, plants and greenery, additional kitchen facilities or even having office pets such as cats, dogs or goldfish, can make a world of difference in the employee’s working day. Simple shifts in office design or layout to accommodate these can often have a significant impact.

The modern day workspace has broken free from its nine to five shackles. More is expected of employees, so more should be offered in return.

A company that surrounds the working experience in flexibility, technological functionality, and motivation, will see company loyalty and productivity rise.

Why not invest in your employees and see what investment is returned?

If you’d like to find out how you can build your workplace around the modern day worker speak to one of the office design and fit out experts at Area Sq. You can call the Egham office on 01784 274 000 or the London office on 020 7291 9400. Alternatively, please visit www.areasq.co.uk or email info@areasq.co.uk.

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