How does the Nature at Work service work?

What happens first? +

Well, first of all we have a chat on the phone, to get a better idea as to where you are and what you are looking for. We give you an idea of budget (around £3 per plant display per week, to include rental and maintenance). Then it's normally best for us to come to your office and look at how much space and light you have. We also need to find out your preferences and priorities.

How much will this cost? +

Initial meeting and site survey is free.

"Our preferences and priorities"? What does that mean? +

We have a huge range of plant pots in all different shapes, sizes and colours. You may want to match your corporate colours and we can do this exactly, if you like. Your priority might be to just ensure your staff are kept happy and healthy - in which case your priority will be to have lots of greenery for your money. Or you might want to really make your company stand out and be impressive and different from the competition. For this, we would recommend more special plants and pots with the 'wow factor'. You might like a spikey, architectural look, or you might prefer more 'fluffy' plants.

What are the pricing options? +

Most of our customers choose our standard rental and maintenance contract. This is a two year minimum contract, where we install for free, look after the displays for you and you just sit back and enjoy and benefit from the greenery. However, if you are moving into a new office, you may choose to buy the displays outright (on your capital budget) and then pay a lower maintenance fee for us to look after the displays for you. You still end up with the plants being looked after really well by us (free replacements if necessary), but you own them, not us.

Why is space and light important? +

Some offices are lucky enough to have oodles of light and space. This makes choosing plants very easy, as you have a huge choice of plants. The more colourful plants need more light. As a general rule, think of a tropical forest canopy. At the bottom, you have the dark tolerant plants. They have big leaves and are green. The big leaves are there to absorb as much light as possible. Think boardroom with no natural light, where it might be best to have a realistic artificial plant. At the top of the canopy, plants have smaller leaves and are variegated. Think areas by the window or in a light atrium or reception. Low light is no good for flowering plants either, as they don't thrive and we may have to keep replacing them for you. This makes our service more expensive. Lots of space is good, as again we have a wider choice of plants. The wrong plants next to a radiator or air condition won't survive. Draughty receptions which get hot in the summer and cold in the winter mean strong, resistant plants like Yuccas or Sanseverias or Beaucarneas.

So what happens then? +

After the site visit, we will put down our recommendations and send you a quote with photos and options. We then discuss it further to make sure you are ordering what's best for you. You confirm by email that you want to go ahead. We get the best deal from the best suppliers - and then we arrange to install within about 3 weeks.

Tell me about the installation process +

The pots are made by hand at our factory in the UK. The plants are carefully chosen at our nurseries in Holland. Our environmentally friendly compost comes from Ireland. We normally like to make up the displays on site to avoid damage in transit. And you normally get the boss doing it, because he likes to ensure it is done right! It is then handed over to your own Plant Technician who will visit you regularly to make sure your plant displays always look great. Replacements are free of charge as part of the contract.

How does the hassle-free Christmas Tree Service work?

Talk me through it, please +

OK. First of all, this is an exclusive service to existing Nature at Work customers. Secondly, 95% of our trees are REAL. This is simply because our customers love the AROMA if a real tree, cut fresh in the UK. Basically we choose the best tree for you, straight from the grower, generous in size, then we transport it to your office, decorate it according to your colour scheme, light it, water it and let you enjoy it over the Christmas period (early December to early January). Before 12th Night we take it all away for you, leaving no sign that we've been!

How much will this cost? +

All the latest prices are on the website, but if they're not, get in touch. But basically a 7ft freshly cut, Premium British Nordman tree, delivered, installed, decorated,  and lit in early December and taken away before 12th night, costs in the region of £300. Bigger trees will cost more, of course. But the benefits to you are huge. You are guaranteed a really nice tree, professionally decorated and then taken away. It enables you to really enjoy your Christmas in the office. We only offer this service to our customers. Everyone loves the AROMA of a real tree!

What if we want a particular size or colour scheme? +

That's fine with us. We should be able to provide exactly what you want. Just ask!

Do the needles drop? +

Good question. Because there's no such thing as a 'no needle drop tree'. but the trees we provide come from UK plantations and are Nordmann Spruce, which are supposed to be 'no needle drop'. They are also late cut, which helps. But in all honesty, it depends on where the tree is located in your office. Trees near a radiator will lose needles but trees in a light, airy, cool atrium hardly lose any at all.

How eco-friendly is it? +

Another good question! And we have looked carefully into this. We are all about 'Nature at Work' so wherever possible, we try and bring real nature into offices. We bring real flowers and plants into offices, real Living Walls and real Christmas Trees too. But sometimes, when the conditions don't allow (too dark or too hot), we use artificial. There are some fantastic, very real-looking plants and trees around. But you can't beat the real thing. And time after time, our clients say you can't beat the SMELL of Christmas! People love it! Their eyes go all misty and they remember their childhood. It's amazing.

As regards what's best for the environment? Real or artificial? Difficult one to answer. Most artificial ones are made in China from synthetic products and shipped over to the UK in containers. Our trees are grown sustainably in Scotland and we buy direct from the grower who replants straightaway. The used trees are pulped up and made into products such as paper. The clincher for us is the 'naturalness' of it all. And that magnificent aroma.

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