Christmas Tree Crisis After Long Dry Summer?

David Snell Choosing Christmas Trees for clients

David Snell Choosing Christmas Tree for client

David Snell from nature at Work Chooses the Best Christmas Trees for Clients


With many parts of the UK seeing very little rain for more than two months this summer, the dry weather raised serious concerns for Christmas tree growers. So the question now is “what affect has the summer drought had on this year’s Christmas trees?”

Well it’s good news!…

I’ve been speaking with Paul Mather, from Yattendon Estates – who grows our trees for us just down the road. He says “the bigger, more mature Nordman trees are already well established with deep roots. So they can manage a dry spell.” Also where we are located, close to the Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire border, the rivers and water table are quite high and full. So that’s good news for our Christmas Trees. Thankfully.

Christmas Trees for the Office Take Several Years to Grow

The Nordman Fir originates from the Caucasus mountains and has established itself as the premium ‘needlefast’ tree. Each tree is pruned annually at Yattendon to produce and maintain a dense bushy shape, growing at around 1 foot a year. The bulk of our trees for our clients are around 7ft high and are ideal for offices. So most of our trees take around 7 years to grow before they are harvested. This year, because of the dry Summer, instead of planting in October, Paul will be looking to plant a bit later this year. This will ensure a good healthy crop in 7 years’ time.

All our trees are hand-picked and late harvested – so we get only the very best for our clients. They are also left to grow outside for as long as possible before we bring them into your offices in December.

Each tree comes fully decorated, with lights. All our customers have to do is choose size and colour scheme.  We then take the trees away before the Twelfth Night.

If you’d like more information about our exclusive decorated christmas tree service please click here.

Nature at Work Decorated Christmas Tree Service