Best ever Christmas Trees – Beautiful and so pretty!

Nature at Work’s decorated Christmas Trees have been the best ever this year, according to our customers!

This Christmas we have received more positive comments than ever about our decorated Christmas Tree Service. One client said ” I have worked here for 15 years and this year’s tree is the best I’ve ever seen.”

“We have been delighted with our tree this year”

Nature at Work owner, David, puts this down to a combination of reasons. ‘Firstly, the quality of our UK grown trees is outstanding. We cut them late, they don’t travel far and so stay fresh for longer. So what you get is that unmistakable aroma that’s so evocative of Christmas. ‘They smell lovely’ is what we often hear.”

“We love our tree. You always do a good job of decoration.”

Secondly, Nature at Work prides itself on having an excellent Christmas Team who install, light and decorate the trees during the first 2-3 days of December. They’re then taken down and recycled by twelfth night. ‘The Christmas Crew did a superb job of installing and decorating. The team are great to work with.”

Hassle-free Decorated Christmas Tree Service

Finally, choosing a Nature at Work Christmas Tree is completely hassle free. “All our customers need to do are choose their colour scheme” says Jackie, Nature at Work’s Christmas Team Leader. “We’re delighted that everyone is so pleased with their trees.”

One company visitor even received some free decorating advice. She said her own tree looked so much better as a result. The only negative comment? “It’s a shame it has to go (in the New Year)”.