Adding a bit of cheer to your Office with Office Plants

Having plants around us brings lots of benefits. They not only look great, they make us feel calmer, healthier and happier too.

As you walk into an office, it makes you feel good to be greeted by greenery. It is impressive but reassuring too. It tells us that the company cares about the environment, cares about its image and cares for its staff too. They say first impressions count, so to be greeted by a happy, contented receptionist who is relaxed in her work environment – that counts for a lot. It may even mean you sell more to that customer who has just entered the building!

Healthy working environment means happy workers
Secondly, having plants around us just makes us feel better.  They add to our sense of well-being and contentment, and give us a connection with nature.  As many office workers spend long hours at the office these days, providing some fresh interior planting can add to their sense of well-being and reduce stress.  And research has shown that the presence of plants can in fact improve staff morale and even productivity. If you want proof, have a look at .

Plants break up large open spaces naturally
Instead of those horrible artificial office partitions, why not opt for the much more environmentally friendly option of plants? They break up the monotony of the office and soften those hard office furniture edges. You can have a single plant display , a row of matching displays, a ‘nest’ of displays in different heights – or a barrier display.

Plants are great ‘absorbers’
Plants are natural filters. So why not use plants instead of blinds? Blinds are costly and block out natural light. Plants thrive on natural light and provide shade so that you won’t need blinds at all. Plants also absorb noise, carbon dioxide, unhealthy odours and chemicals emitted from office machinery like printers. They can also help stop sneezing because they make the air more humid.  Dust contains allergens which can lead to tickly coughs, colds and headaches when breathed in.  When the air is moister, the dust particles sink to the floor, so there are less airborne dust particles to inhale.

Design statement
In the olden days, plants only came in boring, ugly pots (you may still have these in your office, in which case you need to give us a call now!). But now there is a huge range of pots available in different colours, shapes and sizes. Have a look at our gallery to get some ideas. We can even supply pots in exactly the same colour as your company logo. We can also enhance the design of your office very quickly and cheaply through the use of plants.

Superb value
How much do you think a fresh vase of cut flowers costs a week? Between £25 and £75. For the same amount of money, you could have your plants for your reception AND other areas of your office! Typically, one floor-standing office plant about 6 ft tall would cost you just £2.50 a week and a real flowering plant like an orchid in reception, which lasts longer and is more environmentally friendly, costs from around £5 a week. And what’s more – your expert supplier – such as Nature at Work – will look after them for that price too, so it’s really good value!

For details of research into the benefits of plants, visit our website or call us on 0845 4084181.  There’s also lots of information at,, or